Our Customers

From a single sheet to a thousand tonne contract, we work primarily with UK and European Stockholders and Mills as an integral part of the metals supply chain.

We are also named as the Polishing Company of Choice by end-users, designers, architects and engineers ensuring continuity of finish and ‘matchability’ from the first sheet to the last.

With a knowledgeable and friendly team we can:

  • Offer technical advice on the right finish for the right product and environment
  • Confidentially work with you and your client to project manage large contracts and developments
  • Offer ‘just in time’ lead-times or Kanban systems
  • Provide certified technical data on surface roughness, reflectivity and thickness.  
our customers
The Professional Approach

The Professional Approach

With our Company celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2023 we have a wealth of experience in-house to make your life easier.

  • We can receive your material direct from the Mill
  • All material is fully insured on our premises
  • We can calculate the Co2 emissions produced when polishing your material
  • Material traceability guaranteed

Let us help you...

Online Training
We believe in knowledge transfer and collaboration. That’s why we offer online training in both an introduction to polished finishes and sector specific courses such as stainless steel in the built environment. We can help your team excel with the added value that polishing offers.
Project Management
When it comes to large architectural or nuclear projects we have a wealth of experience in project managing the continuity of your polished material on time to exact and often changing requirements, working with you and others within the supply chain.
Finish Development
Do you need to match a finish but you aren’t sure what it is? Does your customer want something slightly different than the industry standard? We can work with you to ensure you can meet your client’s requirements and secure the contract

Get a polished finish that dazzles!

Enhance the quality and precision of your engineering projects with our exceptional professional polishing services.