We polish stainless steel, Duplex, aluminium, brass and Hastelloy in plate form. Plate is traditionally thicker than 4mm and in stainless steel can be either cold rolled (2B) or Hot Rolled (1D) although other Mill Finishes such as 2D can also be polished. The maximum thickness we can polish in full sizes plates is 20mm thick and we can polish up to 2 tonne piece weight. Plates can be polished with a maximum length of 12 metres and a maximum width of 2 metres. All polished plates are coated in fibre laser quality protective tape. With Hot Rolled material extensive pre-grinding is done to remove the surface scale and defects.

Cold rolled material is usually available in thickness 4mm, 6mm and occasionally 8mm. It will typically have been cut to length from coil in the industry standard widths; 1000mm wide, 1250mm wide, 1500mm wide and 2000mm wide.

Hot rolled material is usually available in thickness from 6mm upwards and will have been cut to length from either coil in standard widths as above or produced as quarto plate which will give a variety of different widths and lengths.

We can apply the following finishes to stainless steel plate:

Course Ground, Dull Buffed, Dull Polished, Satin Polished, 240 Silicon, Extra Fine, Ra, N5, N6, N7, N8

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Pharmaceutical | Nuclear | Architectural | Marine | Defence | Food & Beverage

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