Protective Coating

We automatically protective coat your polished metal in sheet and plate. Coating can also be applied onto coil, blanks and profiles. For long products such as flat bar we protective sleeve the lengths although the surface can have protective coating applied if required.

Protective Coating Machine

We stock a variety of different brands including Poli-Film and Novacel and stock tapes suitable for brass and copper as well as stainless steel and aluminium. Fibre laser tapes in both 80 micron and 100 micron are kept in stock in different grades and data sheets cane be sent across.

Standard PC with arrow orientation is usually applied to help your identify the grain or finish direction although both plain white and black tape is also used depending on the application required.

We are currently working with Polifilm in testing their 30% recycled protective tape.

We do offer a coating only service if required and for plates wider than 2000mm we can offer protective coating applied in strips.

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