Stainless Steel Triangular Section

Wed 8th November 2017

Sometimes we’re asked to polish something completely unusual that it stops us in our tracks! We are no stranger to polishing RHS or Square tube to fine finishes for architectural projects but triangular section was something new to us.

Sourcing the material wasn’t easy for our client either as the project required 6 mtr long lengths, which isn’t unusual in square tube but provided a challenge in triangular.

The project was for a private client and was to be a feature in the roof of an extension of their home in a very expensive part of London.

As we found the project so intriguing we put our heads together to come up with a way to process it. After all, we’re renowned for being a flat products polishing company, and each side of the triangle was ‘flat’ if you looked at it the right way…

Once we’d invented the process route for the recommend 2K Finish we were really pleased with the end result and our client was very relieved they could fulfil the brief given to them.