An abrasive finish with unidirectional grain to achieve a nominal Ra of 0.4µm within a range of 0.3µm > 0.6µm. All finishes are measured and certified.

The N5 finish for the nuclear sector on polished stainless steel refers to a specific type of surface finish with specific properties as well as the roughness level detailed above.

Surface cleanliness: The N5 finish has a high degree of surface cleanliness, with minimal surface contaminants, which helps to reduce the risk of corrosion and other forms of surface damage.

Corrosion resistance: The N5 finish has excellent corrosion resistance, making it suitable for use in harsh and corrosive environments, such as those found in the nuclear sector.

Hygienic: The smooth and polished surface of the N5 finish is easy to clean and disinfect, making it suitable for use in the nuclear sector where hygiene is critical.

Non-magnetic: When produced on austenitic stainless steel the N5 finish is non-magnetic, making it suitable for use in environments where magnetic interference could pose a risk to sensitive equipment or processes.

Overall, the N5 finish for the nuclear sector provides a combination of surface roughness, surface cleanliness, corrosion resistance, hygienic surfaces, and non-magnetic properties that make it a suitable material for use in the demanding and safety-critical environment of the nuclear sector.

The surface finish is only one aspect of ensuring that material is produced to the highest quality for this sector. Our experience in working within this sector goes back 30 plus years and we ensure that the handling, storage and testing of the material is done within strict parameters. We have worked extensively with both new build and decommissioned material projects for the UK Nuclear Industry from profiles for glove-boxes to large plates for pressure vessels, tanks, roof petals and other aspects. Other projects for the Nuclear sector have been the polishing of material for the fabrication of tanks in France and other mainland EU facilities.

All documentation and administration controls are clear and transmitted electronically to our clients and their partners ensuring full traceability. On-site inspections are carried out in a friendly and efficient manner by your key account manager and our technical team to give you complete confidence in the end result and the relevant certification and reporting.  

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