The Great British Tape Off!

Thu 20th April 2017

We know that Laser Tape isn’t as interesting as cake, but if you make it to the end then there is an opportunity for some amazing Gower Cottage Brownies!

Fibre laser tape is becoming more and more popular compared to ‘standard’ laser tape, which is suitable for Co2 applications. This brings with it a variety of potential issues, as we all know that occasionally our customers are asked for ‘laser tape’ and the end user may now know what type of laser cutting process the material will go through. Added to which, different tapes cut better of different laser lines, and it can all get a bit complicated.

We stock many different varieties of Laser Tape from Nitto Denko, Poli-Film and Novacel for both fibre and Co2 applications. One of our most popular films is ULF: Universal Laser Tape which cuts on both Fibre and Co2 lines. If you’d like more information on this, here is a link to videos showing how the tape cuts. This of course means that if you are stocking two packs of identical material, one with a Co2 film and one with a fibre film, you can reduce your stock level to one pack with a dual application film that will service both cutting requirements.

You will notice that our Commercial Team will be asking what type of laser film your customer needs when you contact us with your enquiries, and whilst we don;t want to end up asking so many questions we may as well end the interrogation with ‘Do you want fries with that?’ we do want to make sure that the product we apply onto your polished material is suitable for your customer’s needs.

Data Sheets on all tapes are available from our Commercial Team so contact Sharron, Piotr, Adam or Lucian if you require these.

And now to cake! Email an order through to the team by the 28th April mentioning that you’d like some Brownies and we will put everyone in a draw on the 2nd May and five lucky winners will have a box of delicious brownies winging their way to them. Good Luck!